Angels and Demons bring us Pleasure and Pain

The main thesis of this site are that we all have intelligence-aware beings that operate within each of us to bring us Pleasure and Pain.  I call these beings Angels and Demons.

There is a new development in the scheme of things; the battle between Darkness and Light has been altered by the addition of a third force called Turquoise.  In the past, for millions of years, Darkness had 80 percent of the power in the world for 5/6ths of the time and Light had 80 percent of the power for just 1/6th of the time (2 Houses of the Zodiac – Aquarius and Leo).

We have just moved into Aquarius in the past few months and Light was in the process of transitioning to its’ expected 80 percent power position, but that transition was not going to be completed until December 22, 2013.

In the last 30 days, a vast new energy has been brought into the local conflict between Darkness and Light; it is called Turquoise and it imposed itself as an equal with both Darkness and Light.  In the process, the power was equally divided with Darkness, Light and Turquoise each getting one-third.  Darkness was the big loser; being forced to transition from 5/6ths to 1/3rd.  Light was a clear winner going from 1/5th most of the time to 1/3rd all of the time.  This became even more of a winning position when Turquoise allied itself with Light to create a 2/3rde power block against Darkness.

Did this shift in power between Darkness and Light have an affect on the delivery of Pleasure and Pain within the Human (and Pet) bodies?  Yes.  In the past, when Darkness had 80 percent of the power in our world during ten of the twelve Houses of the Zodiac, fear, force and control ruled and made Pain easier to deliver.  When the world moved into Aquarius and Leo, Pleasure became easier to deliver by four times and Pain became four times harder to deliver.

Ok.  Now, Pain, which is associated with Darkness (Demons) has one-third of the power and Pleasure, which is associated with Light (Angels) has one-third of the power.  Turquoise, the new force is a force of neutral in the Pleasure-Pain dynamic.

What does this mean?  It means that, now, Pleasure and Pain are equal in their ability to deliver.  This is a first in Human history; in the past, Pain was four (4) times easier to deliver than Pleasure for 10/12ths of the time.  It is no wonder that we are so easily sensitized to pain and fear and look so favorably on pleasure because it is so rare when compared to pain.

So…  Now, today, it is even easier to invite the Angels in.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Demons cannot harm Light Beings Now; so who are they going after?

Aquarian Light is in the process of taking over from Darkness on our world.  For the past 10,800 years, Darkness had 80 percent of the power in the world; that left 20% for Light.  That ratio is now shifting with Light having the 80%.

If you have at least 70 percent Light in your energetic make-up, the Demons cannot no longer harm you; make you sick or give you a dis-ease or cancer or mess with you financially or get you fired or fight with your wife or girlfriend.  This is only about 300 to 500 million people here on Earth.

Depending on how much you trust the Governments, there are 7 billion people here on Earth.  That is 6,500 million people who the Demons can still mess with.  You should not trust your Government; they always lie to their people.  I believe that there are only 3 billion people here or a little more, but that is still 2,500 million people who are still being messed with.

Do you have Diabetes? or Cancer? How about Heart Dis-ease? or one of thousands of medical issues?  These days, our doctors do not heal us; they put us on very expensive drugs for years and sometimes decades.  You do know that every pharmacy has a list of prescribing Doctors and that the Doctors get a commission check every month.  Some people call this a kick-back check; after all, only the Doctors can prescribe these drugs.  Sales people receive commissions, why not Doctors?  Never mind the obvious conflict of interest from our health care provider.

What if the cause of your ill-ness or dis-ease was not some random event or chance?  What if you had an energetic being, or several, working in your body to bring you increasing levels of pain?

What if you could do easy, specific things to get rid of these Demon who are messing with you?  What if you could make them stop and go find another body to mess with?  You can.

Instead of the Starbucks Latte or the New York Time Sunday paper, buy the Demon Free ebook on this site and take action by performing the ways to get rid of the Demons and invite the Angels into your body. .


Darkness and Demons are being driven out by Aquarian Light – This Week!

For those of you who follow my site, this may not be new information.

On December 22nd, 2012, our Solar System moved into what people have been calling the Photon Belt.  It was discovered by our Astronomers in the late 1950s and is a vertical belt of intense light that is more than 2,000 year wide.  What does this mean?

It means that our Solar System, and the Earth will be transiting the Photon Belt for the next 2,160 orbits around our Sun; we have just entered the Age of Aquarius.  Of course, we did that back in December, you know at the end of the Mayan Calendar.  It was also the end of Pisces after 2,160 years.  Translation: the end of Schools of Thought; or the end of specified ways of doing things.

You know.  We have these Laws of “Fill in the Blank” to include Physics and Taxation and Law Enforcement and, oh yes, the Courts.  Also included are Medicine and Health Care, Big Pharmaceuticals, Big Education, Wall Street and Big Business, Big Oil, Big Entertainment, the Military, and, last, but not least, Big Government.

Instead of being schools of fish (Pisces) or flocks of sheep (Aries) or herds of cattle (Taurus) as we have been for the past three Ages of the Zodiac, we are now droplets of water finding their own way down the mountain (Aquarius).  To those who are oriented towards Fear, Force and Control (Darkness), this is a very unwelcome, chaotic development.  For those oriented towards Freedom, Truth and Love (Light), this is a very welcome development.

For those of the Light (more than 70% Light or less than 30% Darkness), take heart.  Aquarian Light is now driving any and all “controls” put into you by Darkness in the form of physical features, disabilities, allergies, financial limitations, dis-eases, bad teeth, weak lungs, lack of stamina, too much fat.  These are all things that Darkness could do to people of the Light because Darkness had 80% of the Power in the World for the past 6,500 years; Taurus, Aries and Pisces.

That is no longer true.  Light is in the process of taking over.  Sorry, it wasn’t instantaneous and will take until mid-May to be completed.  Meanwhile, Light is driving all of the Darkness (including Demons) out of people who have at least 70% of their make-up as Light.  Another term for these Light People is Light-worker and you know if you are one.

Ok. What about those with only 50 or 60 percent Light or less?  You have choices to make about moving more to the Light or to Darkness.  Many of you have moved significantly towards Darkness so far in this life.  You, and all who have more Darkness, will still have Demons who cause you pain and you will have to buy the book to find out how to drive the Demons out.

Health Care is just too expensive and non-responsive.  Insurance keeps driving the cost up and up and up and you keep getting less and less and less.  Now, 30 million illegal immigrants will be added under ObamaCare and your wait for HealthCare will be much longer.  Are there enough Doctors for all of the Baby Boomers and all the new voters for the Democratic Party?

If you have found this site, you are already looking for an alternative approach to keeping your body healthy.  You have found a different solution; keep reading.

Buy the book. Its only $5 and offers solutions to keep you and your loved ones healthy.  Read it through once and understand how to drive the Demons out, but then go right to inviting the Angels in.

Love, Light and Laughter (LLL),    Merln

Reptilian Wars Resource

I am also using this site as a location for selling an ebook on the history of the Reptilian Wars on this planet over the past 50,000 years.  This includes the arrival and departure of the Annunaki, the Greys and the Overlord Reptilians themselves.  It also goes into detail on the arrival of the Pleiadian Humans who attacked and defeated the Reptilian Overlords and put 50,000 warrior-colonists here in Europe, 3,500 years ago.

This ebook provides many answers on who the Reptilians are/were and explains the huge impact that they have had, and still have, on the history of planet Earth for the past 50,000 years.

If the Reptilians were defeated, how do they control us still?  It is all about the DNA of each of us.  Do you think collectivism is the answer?  Are you in favor of socialism and big government solutions?  Do you believe that Unions still have a role to play in our societies?  If so, it is probably an important part of your embedded DNA.

If, on the other hand, you think personal responsibility and self-reliance are positive attributes that should guide all of us, and that small government and keeping more of what you earn are important, then, that too, is probably an important part of your DNA.

You see, the Annunaki only arrived on Earth with 406 people and only six or them female.  They came here looking for gold and diamonds and found both in large quantities.  The trouble was it was very difficult work mining both gold and diamonds.  Their solution was to “create” whole races of slave labor using the indigenous Primate populations starting with the Gorillas of southern Africa; that was where the mines were.  They soon realized that they could mix their DNA with Primates from all over the planet and spent a lot of effort doing so.  Their approach was to fly in by helicopter and capture all of the females in a primate grouping.  They harvested the female reproductive eggs to use for DNA manipulation and put them back into the females for birth.  We call that “in-vitro” insemination today.

Using this technique, the Annunaki created the Black, Arab, Indian (from India), American Indian, Australian Aborigine,Indo-Chinese, Chinese, Japanese, Malaysian,  Jewish and many other native peoples.  People wonder what happened to the Neanderthal peoples of Europe .  The answer is that the Annunaki considered them to be the most advanced of the Primates and captured all of their females for genetic manipulation; the Neanderthals disappeared because they were not able to reproduce themselves in enough quantities for racial survival.  The race the Annunaki created using the Neanderthals was their administrative Master race; we call them the Jews today.  Abraham, the father of both Jews and Arabs was the High Priest/King to the Annunaki Ruler – En Lil here on Earth. En Lil fought a 35,000 year war against his brother, En Ki for control of the Earth.  En Ki was Quetzalcoatl, the Feather-Serpent God of the Aztecs, and the lead “God” of the Mayan, Incan, Arab and Malaysian peoples.,   Slave peoples were bred as cannon-fodder in the wars between there two alien brother invaders.

So….. What do I mean by slave populations?  The Annunaki are, themselves, a slave population of the Overlord Reptilians; they had been conquered and had their DNA modified to be “mind” controlled by their Reptilian masters.  The Annunaki put this “mind” control DNA in all of their slave races.  A major part of the Reptilian “mind” control DNA was a loyalty to and belief in the structure of the Reptilian Hive; what is good for the Hive is good for everyone.

What are the implications of this?

Hello and Welcome to Demon Free

Demon Free is dedicated to explaining a completely different approach to handling and managing pain in our bodies; all kinds of pain to include Health, Wealth and the pain of the Heart.  Demon are here, within our bodies, to enable and bring us all kinds of pain.  There are all kinds of Demons and most of them are not very powerful and are there to bring us low-levels of pain; there is nothing that can or should be done about low-level Demons.  Mid-level, Large- and Extra-Large-level Demons are a different matter and should be chased away as soon as possible.  Demons are like thieves, they will break-in to the bodies with the least resistance or the most medium and large Demons.

I have put together a low-cost ebook that explains both how to get rid of all kinds of demons and, more importantly, how to invite powerful Angels into your body.  That is the way to go.  Powerful Angels will not allow powerful Demon to co-exist in your body..